Crestwood Behavioral Health - leadership

our leadership Team

George C. Lytal, President & CEO
George Lytal manages and oversees business issues and operations for all of Crestwood's facilities throughout California. He practices an inclusive management style that draws upon the strengths and abilities of the company's leadership team. His personal philosophy emphasizes high standards and socially responsible business practices. Mr. Lytal embraces and fosters a belief in consumer wellness and recovery and is an advocate against the stigma associated with mental illness. A Crestwood "veteran," Mr. Lytal has been with the company for more than 30 years. Initially a facility administrator in 1978, he was appointed Director of the Mental Health Division in 1989, promoted to Vice President and Chief Operating Officer in 1991 and elected to the Board of Directors in 1992. Mr. Lytal has served as President of Crestwood since 1997.

Lori Griffin Blackburn, Chief Accounting Officer and Treasurer
An employee since 1984, Lori Griffin Blackburn is responsible for Crestwood's accounting, IT, treasury and finance operations.  She oversees the strategic management of accounting and finance operations which includes monitoring operating cash requirements, maintaining relationships with outside auditors as well as directing all IT and accounting operational functions.

Patricia Blum, Ph.D., C.P.R.P., Vice President
Patricia Blum oversees all of Crestwood's Commission of Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) accredited facilities. She is also responsible for developing new mental health programs and transforming existing programs throughout the Crestwood network. She is the co-chair of the CiMH’s Mental Health and Spirituality Initiative. Ms. Blum has been a Crestwood employee since 1980.

Lyn Collins, Vice President
As the newest member of Crestwood's leadership team, Lyn Collins oversees all human resources aspects of the company's operations. She holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration and she has significant experience in the health care industry, particularly in long term care. Previously, Lyn Collins was the Director of Human Resources at Helios, a Crestwood affiliate, from 2003-2007.

Bob Macaluso, Director of Government Affairs
Bob Macaluso has been leading Crestwood's public affairs activities since joining the company in 1998. He is focused on working closely with California legislators, regulators and their staff to ensure that Crestwood plays an active role in shaping our state's mental health policies.

Maria Stefanou, CPA & CFO
Maria Stefanou joined Crestwood in 1997. Her primary responsibilities are business strategic planning, financial oversight, real estate and risk management. She works closely with the President to meet the business goals. She has been a CPA for over 20 years and holds a Masters degree in Organizational Management. Maria's prior experiences include work in the pharmaceutical industry and for Pricewaterhouse Coopers, a public accounting firm.

John Suggs, Vice President
An employee of Crestwood since 1979, John Suggs oversees the company’s traditional programs for delivering long-term care. He also manages corporate capitalized projects including all facility upgrades and improvements.

Gary Zeyen, Controller
Gary Zeyen has been with Crestwood since 1974. As Controller, he oversees Crestwood's county contracts and budget. Mr. Zeyen also directs Crestwood's financial reporting on the state and county levels, ensuring Crestwood complies with all laws and regulations.