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All Crestwood employees enjoy  Toll free benefit helpline.  This  is a confidential service for employees and their dependents with all cost paid by Crestwood.



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Facility: Crestwood Center Sacramento

Job Title: Dietary Aide

Status: On Call

Shift: AM

Minimum Qualifications:
A high school diploma desired.
Previous experience in food service preferred.
Understands the basic principles of all common facility therapeutic and texture modified diets
Understands standard dietary/culinary abbreviations and color-coding used in food service.
Possesses the ability to understand and follow directions
Possesses interpersonal skills
Knowledge of required sanitary techniques in food service.

Prepares beverages, nourishment, salads and desserts as assigned.
Attends and participates in all appropriate mandatory in-service classes.
Follows work schedule as assigned by supervisor.
Maintains clean kitchen, storeroom, and dish room floors to health code requirements.
Works with clients in training capacity, if applicable.
Must be in good physical health with the ability to stand for long periods of time as the job demands.
Must be able to lift at least 25 pounds.