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All Crestwood employees enjoy  Toll free benefit helpline.  This  is a confidential service for employees and their dependents with all cost paid by Crestwood.



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Facility: Crestwood Center Napa Valley

Job Title: Administrator

Status: Full Time

Shift: AM

Minimum Qualifications:
1) Knowledge and experience in recovery-oriented services providing client oriented and driven services.
2) A minimum of a Bachelor Degree in Psychology, Social Work, RN or a field related to mental health.
3) A minimum of five years in a clinical setting at least one of which must have been in a mental health setting, and two or more years in a supervisory capacity.
4) Demonstrated knowledge of DSM-V and North America Nursing Diagnosis Association (NANDA) classification criteria and terminology.
5) Familiarity with CARF, Titles 9 and 22 of the CCR requirements.

1) Clinical
2) Administrative
3) Quality Improvement
4) Marketing and Program Development
5) Staff Development
6) Collaboration
7) Judgment
8) Adaptability
9) Teamwork