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All Crestwood employees enjoy  Toll free benefit helpline.  This  is a confidential service for employees and their dependents with all cost paid by Crestwood.



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Facility: Crestwood Manor Modesto

Job Title: R.E.P. Assistant

Status: Part Time

Shift: PM

Minimum Qualifications:
- Minimum 2 years experience in LTC activities or recreational program.
- Must have a current C.N.A. certificate.


- Strong communication skills to confidently explain information and converse with clients and their conservators.
- Organizational skills to effectively complete paperwork as assigned.
- Self-confidence to take the initiative to approach clients.
- Achievement motivated to work with R.E.P. clients to set, meet and surpass realistic goals.

Seeking an individual to provide activities to residents which meet the standards of our facility and to provide residents guidance and assistance in working towards maintaining their current functioning level.