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Facility: Crestwood Center San Jose Psychiatric Health Facility

Job Title: Medical Records Assistant

Status: Part Time

Shift: AM

Minimum Qualifications:
1. A high school graduate/GED.

2. A minimum of two years experience in medical records or ward clerk position.

3. Ability to spell accurately and write legibly.

4. Exhibits proficiency in clerical procedures.

5. Demonstrates willingness to learn.

6. Must be able to work systematically, show initiative, and follow through on procedures without continuous supervision or guidance.

7. Must be tactful and give clear instructions, both verbal and in writing.

8. Must be positive in dealing with facility and medical staff; skilled in interpersonal relations.

9. Must be able to exercise judgment, work independently, and make decisions in determining when professional advice is required.

10. Must be able to follow established procedures and comply with regulatory standards.

1. Monitors records for complete client identification, including client name, ID number, and attending physician name.

2. Maintains health records in correct filing order and in good condition.

3. Monitors records for signatures/dates by appropriate staff providing services to the client.

4. Assembles new admission records and maintains adequate supply of high-quality records/forms.

5. Assists with transfer/discharge documentation for clients.

6. Photocopies documents as needed.

7. Maintains adequate supply of quality forms at all appropriate stations.

8. Answers telephones.

9. Assists nursing and program with audits and monitoring records.

10. Acts as liaison between nursing, medical records coordinator, and ancillary disciplines.

11. Follows prescribed requirements for confidentiality and release of record information.

12. Monitors for maintaining records according to documentation standards.

13. Completes duties as outlined in medical records departmental procedures manual.

14. Works with clients in training capacity, if applicable.

15. Other duties as assigned.


1. Must be in good physical health with the ability to stand for long periods of time as the job demands.

2. Must be able to lift a minimum of 25 pounds.

3. Must have physical and cognitive ability to assist in emergency situations such as pushing a wheelchair or bed, or appropriately intervening with clients who may physically and/or verbally act out.