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Facility: Crestwood Center Napa Valley

Job Title: Dietary Aide / Cook

Status: On Call

Shift: AM

Minimum Qualifications:
When is it more than a meal? When you are part of the team that is changing lives.

We believe an essential part of our clients´┐Ż wellness and recovery is to provide services that address the Mind, Body and Spirit. As part of this wellness package, we launched our culinary wellness initiative in 2011, hiring a culinary specialist with a gift for empowering and responding to those with mental health issues. Our goal is to provide the healthiest and most satisfying food to the people we serve.

1. A high school diploma desired.

2. Previous experience as an institutional cook/chef desired. Other institutional food service experience helpful.

3. Understand the basic principles of all common facility therapeutic and texture modified diets and properly serve foods designated for these diets.

4. Experience in supervising food service staff desired.

5. Must know proper health code sanitary techniques in all food service areas, including safe temperatures.

6. Ability to follow directions, both verbal and written, as assigned by dietary/culinary director/supervisor.

7. Must possess interpersonal skills with the ability to be courteous, considerate, and cooperative when dealing with clients, facility staff, and visitors.

1. Following established procedures, prepares (in proper quantity) and serves (in proper portion sizes) all menu items.

2. Following meals, properly labels, dates, and covers all remaining foods.

3. Prepares menu items in advance, giving special care to recipes, menus, special diets, and portion control practice and taste.

4. Assists in proper food serving as necessary or scheduled.

5. Follows proper procedures for receiving foods and supplies.

6. Properly stores and labels foods, following established procedures.

7. Understands and follows standard food service abbreviations and color-coding for tray cards and therapeutic menus.

8. Performs daily assigned cleaning tasks per established procedure.

9. Attends and participates in appropriate mandatory in-service classes.

10. Works with clients in training capacity, if applicable.

11. Other duties as assigned.

Physical Demands:

1. Must be in good physical health with the ability to stand for long periods of time as the job demands.

2. Must be able to lift at least 25 pounds.

3. Must have physical and cognitive ability to assist in an emergency situation such as pushing a wheelchair or bed, or appropriately intervening with clients who may physically and/or verbally act out.

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