Crestwood Behavioral Health - San Jose

leadership team

Cindy Robins
Campus Administrator

Marlene Ferido
Community Resource Coordinator (MHRC Referrals)

Delia Pagal, RN
Director of Nursing Services MHRC

Robert Hayes, RNC
Director of Nursing Services PHF

Patrick Farley
Program Director

Stephanie Schultze, MFT
Clinical Director, PHF


1425 Fruitdale Avenue
San Jose, CA 95128
(408) 275-1010

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Crestwood Center San Jose embraces a commitment to providing the continuum of care consumers require on their road to recovery. Each consumer on our campus, whether they speak English, Spanish or Vietnamese, is given an individual rehabilitation plan, empowering and motivating consumers to be active participants in their recovery. Our personalized recovery plans help consumers develop skills to allow them to achieve a more independent, productive and satisfying lifestyle.

Our Wellness Recovery Action Plans (WRAP) encourage consumers to attend a broad array of classes and activities to strengthen their mental, physical, and social skills. Our classes range from core recovery programs to dual recovery and re-integration courses.

Crestwood Center San Jose offers Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT).  DBT is a form of therapy developed by Marsha Linehan Ph.D. at the University of Washington that is an evidence-based practice used to treat clients with Borderline Personality Disorder. DBT assists clients in learning skills to help them to regulate their emotional responses to situations that occur in their lives that they may have previously responded to in a self-destructive or aggressive manner.

DBT consists of individual therapy sessions that are held weekly with an individual therapist to review events from the past week, and diary cards that a client keeps daily and follows the treatment hierarchy.  Also weekly 2-5 hour skills training classes are held that focus on emotional regulation skills, mindfulness skills, interpersonal effectiveness skills, and distress tolerance skills.

Crestwood Center San Jose also provides consumers with daily opportunities to participate in community life and foster the necessary skills to reintegrate themselves back into their communities.


Crestwood Behavioral Health Center
Mental Health Rehabilitation Center

Mental Health Rehabilitation Centers (MHRCs) provide psychosocial rehabilitation programs in secure, residential settings with a focus on brief lengths of stay. Learn more.

Core Program

Crestwood Center San Jose
Psychiatric Health Facility (PHF)

The Crestwood Center San Jose Psychiatric Health Facility on our San Jose campus is in close proximity to the mental health support services in Santa Clara County. The San Jose PHF provides a spacious environment, with two living rooms, a welcoming room, visiting space, serenity room, dining room and a beautiful courtyard. The program is dedicated to restoring a sense of hope, self-empowerment and recovery in each of our consumers. The San Jose PHF is designed for consumers who require stabilization at a time of acute psychiatric crisis. We provide medication management, WRAP, DBT support, welcoming rituals, behavioral interventions, psycho-therapy, psychosocial education and a thorough transition plan to enable a successful return to the community.

Core Program

special features

Over the past decade, we have developed specialized support programs for the many consumers at our facility who speak Vietnamese or Spanish as a first language. These consumers participate in classes and activities in their native languages, allowing them to thrive on their road to recovery.

On our campus, our Vietnamese psychiatrist, Cultural Specialist and support staff lead WRAP implementation and cultural activities for Vietnamese speakers. Our program celebrates all major Vietnamese holidays, provides special Vietnamese menu options at all meals, gives English classes aimed at Vietnamese speakers, and offers "current events" discussion groups in Vietnamese. Consumers also enjoy our Vietnamese karaoke nights.

We also have many Spanish speakers on campus and they are given the support they need to progress in their native language, while also taking classes to enhance their basic English skills. Our Spanish Cultural Specialist and Spanish-speaking staff members monitor consumers' WRAP progression, lead Hispanic cultural groups, which explore the various Hispanic cultures represented at the facility, hold regional cooking classes, and discuss Central and Latin American current events. Crestwood Center San Jose also has Spanish language music, TV and movies for those who are interested.

At Crestwood Center San Jose we invite our consumers to participate in our pre-vocational training program. This program offers consumers the chance to refine their work skills by engaging in various tasks and chores throughout our campus. Consumers also gain work skills by heading up the various aspects of our campus cafe's operation, such as working the cash register, serving customers and keeping the cafe clean.